Sunday, December 5, 2010

Serene, Happiest, Relaxed

I just finished crocheting a beta project that I started early this year, and will spend the next few weeks photographing it with my girlfriend, MJ.

Until then, here's a portrait that MJ drew of me when I was crocheting on the couch:

She named it: "Serene, Happiest, Relaxed"

As we brave through the hectic holiday season, I hope you all stay serene, happy and relaxed!

"Howie" - drawn by MJ using the ASKetch app


  1. haha - love the sketches and can't wait to see your project!!

  2. Love the first one... very... marshmallowy... pillowy... down right fluffy! Well done MJ!

  3. howie - is that a slanket you are wearing?

  4. Hi, I am discovering your blog and waooo !! It's amazing, You have such a talent ! I love your crochet creations, I didn't even know that it was possible to create such things with the crochet. I keep your blog in my favourites. Just a question : do you sell your figurines in crochet? As my passion is cooking, I would love to have muffins, macarons, cupcakes in crochet ^.^

  5. I am looking forward to knowing more about your project. hugs

  6. lovely sketches .... yay, more fun pics! see you soooon xxxx

  7. looks a bit like "no face" from spirited away!

  8. PaisleyJade: I hope you had a wonderful end of 2010 and a creative start to your 2011! :)

    Amethyst: hehe MJ thanks you! Yes, I became very marshmallowy after all the holiday treats :D

    Elaine: That's not a Slanket, I would never wear such a thing! … It's a Snuggie ;)

    Virginie: Thanks for finding me! I hope you stick around for a new year of yarn craziness. I don't sell my figurines, but there are many talented artists who crochet delicious food, including Yummy Pancake and Twinkie Chan:)

    AlessandraLace: Thanks for waiting :) The new project is here , finally!

    Raggy Rat: MJ is glad you like her sketches :) I've been following your amazing work this year!

    LEESASAUR: I can see the resemblance :D


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