Monday, January 17, 2011

C.A.R.R.O.T. Jetpack

Woomi and I were fighting over the extra-buttery popcorn when the doorbell rang.

On my doorstep, a familiar briefcase:

Inside, baby carrots:

Like most people who crochet, I double as an international spy.

And this top secret letter surely held a special assignment for Woo... Agent Woo.

The following is a transcript of this letter, for your eyes only:


I'm OOW (Agent Double-O Double-U), and your mission is to test the energy-potential of beta-carotene for above-ground transportation.

Agent Woo, please follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step One: Extract the contents from the briefcase.

Step Two: Equip yourself with the Agency's latest prototype in renewable-energy stealth-wear: The C.A.R.R.O.T. Jetpack.

The Crocheted Aerodynamic Renewable Resource Offsite Transport Jetpack is powered by beta-carotene. A handful of carrots can provide up to one hour of air travel.

(Optional sources of beta-carotene include yams, spinach, turnip greens, winter squash, cantaloupe, and romaine lettuce.)

Step Three: Take a running leap from this launch site. Repeat until lift-off.

Step Four: Steering the C.A.R.R.O.T. Jetpack can be initially challenging. Try visualizing yourself flying above the clouds.

Step Five: In the unlikely chance the Jetpack malfunctions, follow the contingency plans in Step Six.

Step Six: Hand out baby carrots to passersby at this rendezvous point.

This act will signal to the Agency that the Jetpack requires additional testing. It is imperative that you wear the included head-mounted antennae.

As a secondary signal, post an on-site photo of yourself to

The Agency appreciates your loyal service, Agent Woo. You mission with the C.A.R.R.O.T. Jetpack will be challenging, but it is an assignment you deserve to complete.

Until then,



  1. Hilarious! Love how your hair matches your jetpack. ;)

  2. Howey Woo, how I've missed you

    you totally crack me up

  3. I LOVE IT! Emmeline and I enjoyed watching your videos. And for what it's worth, we would have loved a free bag of baby carrots :D

  4. So creative. You are an inspiration.

  5. This is so many shades of awesome and funny! I'm out of words...

  6. I didn't think it was possible after all of your other projects, but you have outdone yourself Agent Woo.

  7. This just made me so happy! Awesome.

  8. ahahahah your pics are so so so funny,
    and your amigurumi are incredible wow!!!


  9. OMG! You are totally C.R.A.Z.Y.!!!
    ...and it's awesome!!!! ;)

  10. Wow, amazing. I've just has a small audience gather behind me to see this while we holiday at the beach in NZ. We all have a smile on now. Lovely start to our day! Can't wait to see more.

  11. You are a genius. Love it.

  12. I was just saying to my husband the other day that I was wondering where you were!

    Wow - love it all... the jetpack, the carrot handing out, the clouds, the orange plaster... and a very sly and naughty Woomi!!!

    Well done - amazing!!!

  13. your creativity is amazing! This post was awesome!

  14. No wonder you've been quiet for so long - you must has spent ages coming up with all that. Thanks so much for putting a smile on my face :-)

  15. I love your imagination. it made me smile =D

  16. great post. i was entertained...

  17. fantastic.... I so want one :o)

  18. This was awesome, and totally worth the wait. :D So fun!!

  19. Howie you made my day!
    Everytime we eat carrots I can now tell the story of Howie the international spy and his infamous C.A.R.R.O.T Jetpack.
    Thank you Howie :)

  20. Once again your humor and creativity has made me smile... and smiles are contagous... so right now there is a smile ripple moving outward from my location spreading, wider and wider across the continent. So, in a few hours, if you suddenly notice everyone around you suddenly smile... that was me.

  21. I LOVE AGENT OOW! I love him from the tip of his bunny ears to the soles of his C>A>R>R>O>T-powered-flying feet. You have outdone yourself once again. The videos are spectacular as usual but the story...well, you rock my socks of Howie! Love from your Favorite-Yarny-Stalker xxooMarianne.

    But PS...DO you think it was wise to OUT ALL of the Secret Crochet Agents? Now my family KNOWS! Yikes!

  22. FANTASTIC! Love your work - keep 'em coming, I can't wait for Part Two (hint, hint). ;)

  23. Hahahahaha!! You ain't right!! And I LOVE you for it!!

  24. I just want you to know that your creative exploits make me happy in my heart. keep being awesome.

  25. Howie, you really are brilliant!

    - Dave

  26. HAHAHA... always amazing, always surprising, and unpredictable
    it's always fun reading your blog, you should make a book!

  27. After seeing this exciting story, James Bond can totally get lost! It made me smile the whole day through. Thank you so much for this inspiration

  28. All So Cute: Thanks for the triple smileys :) !

    Annette: Yes, if my hair was dyed purple, it would clash with all that beta-carotene! That would affect the steering, at the very least :)

    Abby: Thanks for missin' me! It was difficult to not update the blog while working on the jetpack. So I'm grateful for yours and everyone's feedback here, too many weeks later :)

    Marcy: That's so sweet to hear about you and Emmeline watching the jetpack videos together! I saved a bag o' carrots for you here.. Feel free to bring extra dip :D

    AmigurumiShop Designs: Thanks for the fab feedback!

    Donnell: Thank you for finding inspiration among this crochet craziness :)

    MagneticMary: And I'm glad you found shades of fun within all the orange & green!

    Beth @ To the Fullest: Crochet blog posts are always the hardest to top, wow! haha

    Adrienne: Thanks, Agent A! I feel like I literally crashed this assignment, but I hope I helped to make beta carotene a viable energy source in the future! ;)

    Knot by Gran'ma: I'm happy that this made you happy, thank you!

    Ohioja: Thanks for liking the pics :) For many weeks, MJ captured all of the crazy photos of me, so I give all my appreciation to her patience & photographic talent :) My mom took the photo of me & Woomi eating popcorn too. Thanks, Mom!

    Isabella Kessedjian: merci :)

    piccinaccia: haha I'm grateful that you appreciate the C.R.A.Z.I.N.E.S.S.! We bloggers act as enablers for our insanity, thankfully ;)

    paris addict: THANKS4EVA! :)

    CHD: I love imagining your beach scene in NZ, with everyone huddled around the computer :D Thanks to everyone there for temporarily foregoing the sandy beach to join my jetpack misadventures!

    Anonymous: Thank you for your kind words!

    PaisleyJade: I hope the wait for worthwhile :) Thanks so much. When I working on the jetpack and away from the blog, I actually wondered whether YOU would wonder where I had gone for so long!! :D

    Rebekah: I appreciate your appreciation, creative-Rebekah!

    Jessica: This project took longer than expected, yes :) I started the Jetpack early last year, then worked on smaller amigurumi WooWork projects in order to buy time to finish the jetpack. But each small project took over a week to finish, and time spent on the jetpack would be minimal before the next project. Finally, I decided to let become a ghost town while I finished photographing/videotaping the jetpack before 2011! A few weeks late, here it is haha

  29. Runo: It's good when yarn can bring smiles, thank you!

    worksofhands: I hope you were eating popcorn while you were being entertained ;)

    Kim: You want a jetpack? Be careful of what you wish for! And bring plenty o' band-aids :D

    Kara: Thank you, Kara! Along with beta-carotene, this jetpack is fueled by crafty-love, I'm sure!

    Kimi: I'm glad you thought the jetpack was worth the wait! MJ also shot some video where I describe the jetpack's yarny features, so that will be coming soon :)

    Anonymous: hehe When you tell my spy story arount the veggie table, I hope you skip the part where I fell on my noggin ;) But yes, it's important to eat your vegetables, everyone :D

    Amethyst: Wow, I felt that smile-tsunami that you sent my way! It peeled some shingles off my roof, but so worth it, thanks :D

    Greenpixey: Thank you! Woomi insists he's more awesome, but whatever ;)

    Marianne: Wow, thank you for the full-coverage love! Oops, and sorry for revealing that we crocheters often moonlight as spies. But those spy skills are what make you such an expert stalker, right?? ;) haha

    SolarSoda: Wow, I don't think I could survive a Part Two, unless it's starring mostly Woomi! My back was ruined for two weeks after the photoshoots, despite the trampoline assistance!

    Miss Julep: hehe Thank you for encouraging my aint-rightedness haha

    charami: I appreciate your "fabulous"!

    Citizen K: I'm happy to hear that these crochet adventures make you happy too! It's my honour to share the joy of making fun stuff!:)

    Dave: Thank you for keeping my visual creativy fresh at YES Mag all these years! :)

    zuperdzigh: I'm glad you find these blog posts surprising & unpredictable…. It's fun for me too when I don't know what's arriving next in the mental elevator haha

  30. lol!! You make me laugh every time! I love that carrot jetback. Too cute! lol

  31. I'm going to steal the jetpack when your sleeping. I know where you keep ur stash of goodies ;p
    WB outzzzz

  32. Adorable post! I love your picture-stories. :)

  33. Dude, seriously, this is probably the best one yet! The photo storyboard is awesome, that jet pack is SERIOUSLY COOL!!! And the videos too? Too bad "international spy" can't be your day job. ...Or is it? Hmmmm...

  34. Post, pics, videos were A-WE-SO-ME!! Congrats. You're my inspiration! :-)

  35. Howie--
    OMG, that is ridiculously amazing! How is it that you haven't been approached yet for a crochet book???

    And BTW, your carrot hand out site, that's where you hung the "raining like cats and dogs" rain drops, wasn't it?

  36. Well, that was definitely worth the wait!

    At least you didn't reveal that those of us who both knit and crochet are DOUBLE agents.

    Oh, wait. . .

  37. Zuleika: I just learned that the Jetpack's exhaust an cause shortness of breath, so that might explain the "laughter" ;)

    kinking: Yes, carrots are an amazing vegetable! Have you ever seen a rabbit wear glasses? Exactly!

    WB: Is this my arch enemy, Comrade WB? The Cold War may be over, but I still fear your surveillance abilities! My secret stash o' goodies is indeed top secret!
    Agent OOW outzzz

    Sherezada: I'm glad you like the picture-stories! Thank goodness for my #001 photographer/gf, MJ :D

    KelleBelle: hehe Everyone—especially you—knows that we crocheters spend too much time with yarn to be FULL-time International Spies! … Thanks for your local-liking :D

    Silvia Sugasti: Thank you :) Your Joomla! Logos are inspiring too!

    Amy Lynn: hehe Yes, I too wonder why I haven't been approached to make a crochet book without any patterns ;) Dang publishing industry haha

    Yes, the carrot hand out site is also the site of the Raining Cats & Dogs. I thought this post could double as an update to that yarnstorming experiment! There are four or five raindrops still hanging there today… They're molding very nicely :)

    Kate Halleron: Talented people who can knit AND crochet are also double agents? Wow, what a scoop! That's valuable intelligence… thank you, Double Agent O.O.K. ;)

  38. Love it double o double u! This was hilarious as usual, MJ must have laughed the whole time she helped with this one. The C.A.R.R.O.T. Jetpack is so detailed, you did an amazing job. It is quite large though, where do you keep all your finished projects?

  39. ~Feather.Wing~' Thank you! MJ did have fun, though she had to take the photos during her days off from work. I'm lucky that she had the energy, especially during the holiday season :)

    I keep all my finished projects in three glass display cases in the dining room. The jetpack wouldn't fit in the case, so it's hanging on the wall of my bedroom :)

  40. you're all kinds of awesome! and I love how perfect your crochet is. big smile on my face now!

  41. Was this your month and month long project?! You are so amazing Howie! I love it!!!


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