Tuesday, February 1, 2011


After my top-secret mission with the C.A.R.R.O.T. Jetpack, I attempted more test flights. (They all ended painfully.)

But since enrolling in flight school, I'm slowly learning the ABCs of jetpack aviation.

I'm also learning how the classified jetpack was constructed, and gained security clearance to show this video of the C.A.R.R.O.T. Jetpack...DECLASSIFIED!

Thanks for flying!


  1. Love getting a closer look - totally awesome!! I love your creativity and am still wondering how in the world you come up with these fab ideas!?!!

  2. Awesome Cakes by CiaraFebruary 1, 2011 at 10:44 PM

    You are awesome!!! Thanks for never dissapointing!! I waited so long and checked daily for a new post, but this one was worth the loooong wait. Thanks!

  3. Fantastic and educational... a bit like Blue Peter but with crochet ;-) Love your aviator hat too :-)

  4. Seems to be out of time ;)
    Viva Carrot Jetpack!

  5. Somehow reminds me of a black-and-white sience-fiction from the thirties... ;-)

  6. Appreciate the declassification, cool recycle job.

  7. I LOVE a man in uniform!!

  8. Oh my life! I haven't laughed til my sides hurt in a long time! I really wish I had found your blog sooner as it is wonderfully fantastic!! I Love It To Pieces!!! :) I'm off to read EVERYTHING!!!!

  9. Amazing jet pack!! And I love the moody, black and white shot. Especially the one near the propeller... very mid-Century chic and wonderfully wacky at the same time. Gaw, you rock!

  10. brilliant! all of sudden I have the overwhelming urge to eat carrots...

  11. I love the explanation of how the awesome carrot jet pack was made. Thanks Howie for showing us the up close and detailed views.

  12. JelliDonut: Glad you think it's cool! Or are you asking about the operating temperature of the jetpack? All I can say is that it melted one pair of shoes in mid-flight ;)

    PaisleyJade: Someone recently asked MJ where I got my ideas too, and she replied: "I don't know. His head, i guess." But she is mistaken. I get my ideas from my left kidney!

    Actually, I capture most of my ideas by carrying a notepad with me whenever I go out. Whenever there's a dull or idle moment, I'll open my notepad to sketch/write whatever comes to mind. Ralph and Raffe were first sketched during someone's wedding reception haha (Yes, I'm the life of the party.)

    Awesome Cakes by Clara: Thank you! On average, I try to post every 2 weeks or so for most projects. When I'm not posting something new, I feel terrible for anyone visiting the barren blog. I do send notices of new blog updates to my twitter account, my Facebook page, and on my production calendar. Thanks for waiting so looooong! :)

    RollerScrapper: MJ got me that hoody sweatshirt from a local t-shirt shop called Bang-On. You choose the image you like, and then press it onto t-shirts, etc :) Hmm… I should get that pressed onto the back of a suit jacket... Good for wedding receptions ;)

    Jessica: I hadn't seen Blue Peter tv show before until you mentioned it. After watching some youtube videos of the show, I wish I grew up with that program! I found a Blue Peter documentary online, and I'm downloading it now… Thanks, Jessica! :)

    Christelle & die kleene: hehe Yes, the jetpack might fit the 1930s time of The Rocketeer!

    Raccoon-00: Thanks! Yes, those noodle containers were surprisingly sturdy. They're made of plastic-covered styrofoam, I think. I feared they would get crushed during the photo shoots!

    Jacklyn: *salute* ;D

    Ruth: Thanks for finding the blog and for your sweet sentiments! I hope you still return after reading everything haha

    oilsa: I'm glad you like the aviator photo! MJ and I visited The Canadian Museum of Flight many years ago, just for fun. They literally let you run around their outdoor display of vintage planes!

    TMac: Wow, I'm glad the jetpack inspires healthy snack cravings! :D

    Kara: Thanks for liking the video :) I should have written out what I was going to say, instead of saying "stitched onto" a billion times! Also, I should've mentioned that there's lot of stuffing in the tips of the two foam cones. Thanks for the chance to add that missing info here :)

  13. i get such a huge smile when i read your blog :o)

  14. I absolutely love your carrot jetpack so nice to get an up close look at it.I'm gonna have to come up with ym own version because my sons wants yours :D


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