Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Flatulating Prince

My longtime friend, "Ella", text-messaged me this story about a windy fella she dated...

Thank you for your story, "Ella"! Did breakfast sound like this? I made this can of beans to celebrate the Flatulating Princes & Princesses in our lives:

"Beans, beans the musical fruit
The more you eat, the more you toot
The more you toot the happier you feel
So let's eat beans with every meal!"


  1. J'adore!!!it's super funny I love your blog.

  2. Haha - you are too funny! I can just imagine that little ditty on the radio advertising baked beans!

    I think I know just the perfect lady for the prince too!

  3. Haha too funny! I think we all know someone who is much too 'winded' I love the beans, so perfect for the story :o)

  4. This is awesome - love your bean can.
    Do you know this version?

    Beans Beans they're good for your heart
    The more you eat the more you fart
    The more you fart the better you feel
    So let's have beans for every meal!!

  5. I think I married that guy's brother. Love the beans!

  6. Did you say "Ella" in the beginning and "Erika" at the end?

  7. This is to funny. I love your blog and get a kick out of what you come up with.

  8. By staring endlessly to the picture of your desktop I always try to guess what you are up to. I would never thought of this post. :D funny!

  9. Isabelle: Merci! I'm happy that tooting crosses continental boundaries! :D

    PaisleyJade: You should run an advertising company because I'd buy more beans if I heard that jingle on the radio! Yes, we should set up your tooty princess with the prince :) PU!

    ~Feather.Wing~: haha too true... The winded walk among us (and in our mirrors too) :D

    Kate: I like that version of the song too! I can imagine the entire family singing it at the dinner table :)

    JelliDonut: haha That just means you're married to royalty! ;)

    Lenea: Yipes, thanks for the catch on my alias mixup! I just made the correction. :)

    Rachel: Thank you! It's my fun to share the fun :) And I'm lucky to have friends who have vivid stories too!

    manchurina: I hope that looking at the desktop-picture (on the upper right of the blog) is sorta fun, at least! :) Some desktop trivia: the flowers on my work mat are printed from a photo of my grandma's crocheted flowers. The blue pencil case holds my crochet hooks and stitch counters, etc :)

  10. hahaha I love the "beans, beans, the musical fruit" 's lyric,
    i knew a windy fella too, and the worst thing is he loves to do it intentionally, mostly when he was in front of me at the escalator :D

  11. ahh love the comic, story, and can of beans ahah. I think by the time we're with someone long enough, we eventually stop watching out for that stuff and go for it. hahaahah

  12. Awesome!
    Love that Can O' Beans - keep up the good work!

  13. I love it. I do understand that tummy ache part.


  14. zuperdzigh: haha That sounds like a terrifying amusement park ride: "The Escalator of Windy Terror"!

    Oanhderbread: When you go for it, I hope you simultaneously cheer: "I'm goin' for the gold!" :)

    TADA's Revolution: Yes, gotta love em beans. They're good for you too!

    AuĂ°: Thanks for the encouragement!!

    Augustine: Toot toot! :)

    Jersey Knitting Mama: Yes, we should have some sympathy & understanding for the Flatulating Prince. ... Hey, maybe you're the perfect Princess, Sonya! ;D

  15. Haha that's hilarious! XD Cute at the same time. Better out than in! haha I love your work, stumble upon your site via flickr after looking at the toaster on fire. ^^


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