Friday, April 2, 2010

Woomi the Wabbit

hehe Do you like how I dressed up Woomi as the Easter Bunny?

Woomi is mad about his "bunny-fication", but he'll forgive me someday, somehow.

Till then, Happy Easter!


  1. Harikasın,şahanesin,bir tanesin.Öperim çok çok

  2. LOL you never fail to bring a smile to my face!! Happy Easter Howie & MJ
    Enjoy the day ;)

  3. Ha! I'd like to do that to my cat . . . but he'd never forgive me, ever. :D

  4. i do - happy easter - and i like the how-i-did-it shot too !

  5. Fabulous as always Howie! Happy Easter!

  6. Happy Easter Howie and Woomi!
    Woomi you look eggs-cellent as an easter bunny.

  7. Woomi! I love it! Dont be mad. :)

  8. Poor Woomi! I hope he isn't hopping mad :p

  9. orgucuoyuncakcınine: Teşekkür ederim! :)

    PaisleyJade: Happy Easter to you too! I hope your lovely family finds plenty of chocolaty treats :)

    K4TT: Thank you for bringing smiles to us as well! Your amigurumi creations & patterns continue to delight us! :)

    JenGoPop: hehe Cats must have long memories when it comes to costume-abuse? Your cat would be lucky to wear your crochet/knit creations though! ;)

    Raggy Rat: Thanks! I'm glad you like the behind-the-scenes photo of this shoot :)

    Ikeipp: Woomi says thanks, (despite his lingering anger directed at me) :)

    Serendipity Handmade: I hope your weekend is full of easter-eggy goodness, thank you! :)

    Mel Makes Pretty: Thanks, Mel! I told Woomi you said he looks egg-cellent, and he replied, without emotion, "You crack me up, Mel". I guess he's still miffed about the bunny-fication ;)

    Rebekah: Yes, I'm going to try cheering up Woomi by colouring some Easter eggs with him weekend. I have a feeling the day will end in a food fight, as usual...

    Jessica: Oh, he's hopping mad, alright. Even his whiskers are fuming!!

  10. Happy Easter to you Howie! I like Woomi's orange and white eggs!!

  11. I just discovered you on Feeling Stitchy. I love your work. Very funny and so inspiring. I think I'll be stalking your blog from here on!

  12. love this bunny. he even has a tiny bushy tail! hophophop! great work, howie!

  13. He could be your twin!

  14. TADA'S Revolution: Thank you, I hope you and your critter creations gobbled up some delicious Easter treats this year :) Woomi's orange&white eggs made for delicious omelettes!

    Jersey Knitting Mama: I'm happy you caught my interview with Feeling Stitchy! I'll be lucky if you stalk this blog haha

    charlotte: Woomi disliked wearing the bushy tail the most, so I'm grateful you like it! :D

    Alma: hehe Woomi was supposed to be my identical twin when I made him, but our personalities have diverged over the years! He and I share a similar appearance though, you're right ;)


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